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"Artistic Diversity is the key and attention to details is vital when working on my music".

- Vincere Sylph

Vincere Sylph discovered his true passion for music and the arts in a very early age: “I remember that when I was seven or eight everyone around me was in awe of my color drawings! I was painting very well and was also very musically inclined. Growing up in a musical family, I loved singing, dancing and playing different instruments from a very early age. We had a huge professional drum set, as well as acoustic and electric guitars and keyboards which I loved exploring as a child.”

Already at elementary school Vincere stood out with his artistic talent, demonstrating outstanding skills in painting, sculpturing and music. “Already at the age of 13-14 I was selling my first oil paintings. Being so artistically inclined felt completely natural to me and I really didn’t think much of it at that time. I also was not aware of my musical skills back then, but as the years passed I started appreciating more and more how blessed I was with these artistic gifts".

“Growing up in a Greek and Turkish Middle Eastern neighborhood planted the roots of my strong affection for world music. Already at a young age I was fascinated with the different instruments and vocal techniques used in world music and wanted to learn
as much as I could about them. Later on, I became immensely captivated by ancient vocal music. I love Orthodox and Byzantine Chant and have a large collection of ancient music, including Medieval and Monastic”. 

Vincere went on to pursuing his love for music and the arts in different art schools. By the age of seventeen he became more involved with writing and composing. “When I first discovered the Tascam 4/8 track everything changed! I loved layering vocals and instruments with it. My first synth was the E-MU Emax. That instrument was amazing and open a whole new world of sounds for me! I still have a case full of the original floppy discs…”

Later in his twenties, Vincere started spending more time in recording studios, collaborating with other musicians and working on his own material until later on, when he was able to establish his own recording studio where most of his recordings and writing take place nowadays. 

As a musician and vocalist, Vincere started his classical training at an early age and developed his own personal sound and technique throughout the years. His diversity is reflected in his music: “I love combining genres and spicing up my arrangements by seamlessly merging soundscapes of diverse musical genre when it naturally benefits my music.”


Vincere’s dedication and his devotion to each piece of composition and its arrangement is unwavering, as he spends countless hours and entire days in his private recording studio, tweaking and polishing beats and vocal harmonies, or getting the right color and tone of a particular instrument to fit perfectly in
a mix. "It's the little things that make a big difference!" he says.


An artist with a great passion for various art forms, Vincere utilizes his many years of experience also as a painter and a graphic designer. His selected signed artworks are available on his website. “Painting and other visual arts have often served as a source of inspiration for my musical compositions. And other times, music has inspired my visual artwork, such as the covers for “Anakanashka”, “Battlefield”, “Salty Marshland” and other projects.

Vincere Sylph is also the driving force behind the musical project S.O.X.D. “Battlefield”, S.O.X.D's first album was released in 2014.
It includes five original tracks, and the bonus track "Salty Marshland" which features the wonderful former Bjork violinist Ima Jonsdottir and the very talented cellist Zlatomir Fung. In its core, S.O.X.D (State of Extreme Delusion) fuses Electronica, Dark Ambient and Experimental. However, its self-created genre weaves together many other musical styles, such as Dark-Future Pop, Industrial, Goth, Neoclassical, Ethnic, Atmospheric and Cinematic. 

Presently, Vincere is working on several new projects as well as
a full album: “Music is my life and it’s the force that keeps me going. I love to be immersed in each individual piece that I compose, I admit - I am perfectionist. Sometimes it does take me a while before releasing any new material. In 2021 he released “Anakanashka (Winds of Tribes)”, a cinematic piece that will also be included in his upcoming album." 


“Children of Pain (Official Single)" is Vincere Sylph's latest release, following the earlier release of a special lyric video of the song. Featuring new animation created by the Serbian/Croatian team of Tanja Subotic and Tom Jantol. 

“Children of Pain” was produced shortly after the events which took place on October 7th in the Middle East. It was written for the many innocent children whose lives have been tragically impacted on that day and in the war that ensued. However, this song is dedicated to all the innocent children affected by wars throughout the world.

Vincere Sylph
Vincere Sylph (Studio)
Vincere  Sylph (New Mexico)
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